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Best Short Stories Of All Time

Famous Short Stories  |  Best Short Stories Of All Time: Today we can tell you something new and a good lesson that can tell you stories. We should read such stories in life and bring it into our lives. That's exactly what we are telling you today, you must read Best Short Stories Of All Time from the beginning to the End.

                Best Short Stories Of All Time appreciate us doing something new in life. Appreciation can change the life of everyone, and because of that we also learn something new in life. So, Let's start Famous Short Stories  |  Best Short Stories Of All Time.

Best Short Stories Of All Time
Best Short Stories Of All Time

1st Famous Short Stories  |  Best Short Stories Of All Time

Damage Pot

A man named Ramesh is a Farmer and he cultivates farming every day. When he goes to the store to take the seeds to cultivate, then he sees two pots. He buys those 2 pots. When he comes home after drinking water from the river, he sees that there is a hole in a pot.

Seeing that broken point, the second pot makes him say that you are very useless. The broken pot becomes Sad. Ramesh thought of what to do now. Then the broken pot says that you do not fill your water in mine. I'm useless to you.

Ramesh, hearing this, says that this is not true, you are very helpful for me and nature. The water which falls in the streets because of you gives it flowers in flowers. And the same water that nourishes those plants Because of the broken mutations, those flowers grow more and more and they grow more and more. And by selling the same flowers, I earn a little more. So do not say that you are not doing any work.

Moral: We should never make fun of seeing anyone's lack of it. Rather, it should be appreciated by looking at its good.

2nd Famous Short Stories  |  Best Short Stories Of All Time

Fox And Lion

Once the king of the jungle goes to the river to drink the lion. When the water gets beaten it gets torn down in the water and it does not come out. Seeing him trapped in water, the crocodile tells him that the people who come here come here to frustrate, and when they die, we eat them. This is going to happen to you too.

The Lions have been trapped for 2 days. Then he goes from a fox. Sheer said to him, "I'm stuck here in my help." The fox tries to pull out the tail of the lion, and in time, the lion comes out. The lion loves the fox and makes friends with him.

They go together on the road and both decide to stay together. After some time the lion lives with the lioness and the fox still lives with his wife.

After a few months, the fox's wife tells Sheroni, "Can the lions and fox live together?" Fox's wife told this to the fox and the fox spoke directly to the lion. Then the fox said, "If you did not want to stay with me then why do you speak before me to stay together?"

The lion tells the fox that I did not say anything like that. Whoever said this to you is wrong. Both friends respect their wife and decide to stay far away. But both of them live together all day long and go home at night. Those people maintain their friendship.

Moral: With this, we get to learn that even if you try to divide you with your friend by speaking the wrong thing, still we should be able to understand and respect their opinion.

Conclusion :

So I hope you Like And Enjoy Famous Short Stories  |  Best Short Stories Of All Time. If you Like it Then Write Down Your Thoughts About Famous Short Stories  |  Best Short Stories Of All Time Article and Don't Forget to share this article with children and your friends.

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