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Moral Stories For Kids

Moral Stories For Kids: Hello Everyone, I'm Sharing Amazing Content On Motivation Wishing. and I Hope You Like My All Post. So Today We are Again Talking About "Moral Stories For Kids". Kids Have Much Importance In Every Parents Life. And We Need To Inspire And Motivate Kids Every time. For Solving This Problem I'm Giving You Best Inspiring Story With Moral Stories For Kids. I Hope You Guys Like This Story.

Our Todays Story Is 4 Wives Of Businessman.  This Is really Very best And Inspiring Story.
Read It Carefully And Understand. Let's Start.

4 Wives Of Businessman

Moral Stories For Kids
Moral Stories For Kids

Moral Stories For Kids

A rich businessman lived in the city with his four friends. He loved his fourth wife more than his other wives. She lets him buy beautiful clothes and tastes sweet. She used to take care of her very much. He loved a lot from his third wife too.

He was very proud of him but he kept him away from his friends because he was afraid that he would not leave him and run away with another man. He loved his second wife too. The second wife used to take care of him very much and the businessman trusted him very much.

Whenever the trader had any problems, he used to go to his second wife and he always helped the trader and saved him from bad times. The first wife of the businessman was a very loyal companion. He used to take care of the house.

The first wife played a very important role in maintaining business wealth and business. But the businessman did not love his first wife, did not see or care for him. But the first wife loved the dealer very much.

One day the businessman fell ill. His illness lasted a long time and the businessman thought he would soon die. He thought about his wonderful life and told himself that I have four wives now but I will die alone. How lonely I am

Then he called his fourth wife and asked if I love you the most, buy expensive clothes and delicious sweets, now when I am going to die, will you accompany me and go with me?

The wife did not say so, she did not say anything further and went away from there. This reply of the fourth wife went like a knife in the heart of the businessman and she became depressed. Now the trader called his third wife and said, "I love you very much about my life.

Now when I'm going to die, will you join me and walk with me? The third wife did not answer and said that life is very good here after I die, I will marry somebody. The heart of the businessman drowned Then he called the second wife and said that whenever I am in trouble you remember me and you always help me. Now I need your help again.

When I die, will you accompany me and go with me? The third wife replied, sorry to forgive me. This time I can not help you Yes, I can give you with you till the burial in the grave. From this reply, the businessman just got torn apart.

Then a voice came "I will go with you and will go with you wherever you go" The trader saw the voice of this first wife. She was thin enough to suffer from malnutrition. The businessman said "I should take care of you as much as I could"

Moral Stories For Kids
Actually, we all have four wives in their life. The fourth wife is our body, the more we feed it, the more effort it takes to make it beautiful, the time it takes, but the body will leave us after death. The third wife is our property, when we die, it will go to the other. 

Our second wife is family and friends. No matter how close we are, no matter how much we love, but more and more can be with us till our grave or burning us. Our first wife is our soul, for worldly happiness which we ignore. 

This is the only thing that will accompany us and wherever we go, will go with us, so we should now develop and strengthen our relationship with it and take care of it, it should be purified.

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Conclusion :

This is The Best Ever Good And Inspiring Moral Stories For KidsI Hope you Like This Story. If You Like Then don't Forget to Share With Your Kids And Other Kids. If You Want More Stories Like This Then Comment down Below. If You Dislike This Story Then Comment Down Below And Share Your Thoughts About Story And Blog Write Down.

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Moral Stories For Kids

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