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Short Motivational Stories With MoralInspiration plays a very important role in our life. Man can work better through inspiration. As long as the person works in good motivation, the more he succeeds in his life. 

The greatest secret to succeeding in a person's life is that inspiration. So today we will know deep things on inspiration. I hope that you will love all the things that you tell us about today. So we start this Short Motivational Stories With Moral In English.

Our First Short Motivational Stories With Moral In English is 

Short Motivational Stories With Moral

Blind man:

Short Motivational Stories With Moral
Short Motivational Stories With Moral

Short Motivational Stories With Moral

Once upon a time, a man whose eyes were not meant to mean that he was a blind man and he was going to visit. He liked the bus for his journey. By coming out of the bus, that person lit a lamp.

People were looking at him watching him burn the lamp. And a person went around joking about his musk, joke, but he did not speak to anyone. If a person goes to him and asked him the reason for burning the lamp, then that blind person said, "I am blinded, and I do not see anything, but the person who sees this lamp burns, Do not push, for that, I have burnt it. " Listening to such words of that blind person, the people of the country were ashamed and bowed their head.

Moral: Before we judge others, we should think once and learn to see the things of others and we should always be polite.

2nd Short Motivational Stories With Moral In English is 
Short Motivational Stories With Moral

Sage and king:

Once upon a time, when a great sage was passing through the capital of a big state, his eyes fell on a coin. He thought that I do not need this coin yet, but I will give it to anyone who needs it. Thinking that the sage kept that coin with him and then he stayed at one place to save the night. 

Rishi has noticed that no one is interested in this coin, everyone is happy in their life and nobody has more money. Then he saw that the king of another state was going to attack his village by taking his army. 

The king's eyes stood on this sage and he asked his army to stop the sage. The king gave the coin to the king as much as the king had given blessings to the sage. Then the king was thinking that I have such property so why is this sage giving me this coin? The king did not live and he asked the sage about the coin, then the sage replied, "Those who have a state and property are not satisfied even then I thought that this coin should be given to you. Got it and he went with his army.

Moral: All of us should learn to be happy with whatever is available. We all have more or better wishes than before but do not waste your chance to enjoy what you already have. Do not always compare, be happy and live a healthy life.

3rd Short Motivational Stories With Moral is 

A circle of the good deed:

Short Motivational Stories With Moral
Short Motivational Stories With Moral

Once, when Arjun and Shri Krishna were going on the road then they saw a priest asking for begging. Then Arjuna is pity on that priest and he goes to him and gives 100 gold coins. These coins changed his life. But it happens that when the priest goes home, a thief in the road stole the gold bag, the priest becomes very angry. And he starts begging again the next day. 

When Arjun and Shri Krishna saw the priest asking for help, Arjun asked him why he is begging you back. I had given you coins, said Arjun. Then the priest tells about his event and then Arjuna gives a prince a diamond. The priest returns to thank them back, the right one takes him to his house and puts him in a vessel. If the priest becomes tired, he sleeps. Then his wife goes to the river to water the water and takes the same utensil but he does not know anything about the diamond. 

From that, the diamond falls into the water. When he returns home, the priest asks him about diamonds but his wife does not have an answer to him. The priest becomes frustrated. And he starts to begin back Now when he meets Arjun and Krishna, then Shri Krishna gives him 1 coin, he could not have anything from a coin. The priest saw that a fisherman was selling fish, then that priest looked good to buy a fish. 

But he would be on the fish that he bought in his water, the diamond also got him back. The priest went crazy in happiness and he was very enthusiastic.

Moral: When you have enough to help others, do not let that opportunity go. Your good deeds will always be paid for you.

4rth Short Motivational Stories With Moral In English is

The Obstacle in Our Path:

In ancient times, a King had a boulder on a road. He then hid in the bushes, and to see if someone would remove the boulder from the road. Some of the king's wealthiest merchants and courtesies passed from here and just went around here.

Many people blamed the king for not keeping the streets clean, but none of them did anything about stone removal.

One day, a farmer came to bring vegetables. Ongoing to Boulder, the farmer kept his burden down and tried to remove the stone from the road. After a lot of stress and stress, he finally managed.

After the farmer returned to take his vegetables, he saw a purse in the street where the boulder was lying. There were several gold coins and notes of the king in a purse which show that gold was for the person who removed the boulder from the road.

Moral: Every situation teaches us something or something in our life, and we should keep moving ahead with it in mind.

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So, I completing sharing my knowledge about Short Motivational Stories With Moral and I hope you like Short Motivational Stories With Moral In English. if you like it then share this article with your friends and social media.

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