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Short Stories For Student

Short Stories For Student: Friends and you both know that when we read some funny and inspirational story, then the desire to do something new from us goes away. In the same way, stories can make major changes in our lives. So today you have brought some Short Stories For Student to make a difference in your life. I hope you will love these Short Stories For Student and if you like it, then definitely share it with your friends. So now we start today's topic.

Short Stories For Student

1st Short Stories For Student

Rope and elephant

Once upon a time, a person was passing through the jungle road. Then he sees that a man was walking in an elephant's group. He saw that person walking along with the elephants, then that person saw that the rope had tied the feet of elephants. Then he thought that the elephant could break it, but still, it did not break from its strength.

He did not stay with him and he got to visit that person and asked why these elephants did not break the rope. Then the person said, "I have brought this group of elephants from my childhood and since then I have tied this rope." Elephants think that they can not break this rope, because of that, He has tied the rope. Today he can break it but he does not believe that he can do it.

Friends, we get to know that this is a false concept of elephants who refused their freedom for a lifetime. Similarly, we are also trying to move forward in our lives, because of our many people, because they once failed earlier. So keep trying and fail in life.

2nd Short Stories For Student is 

Struggled life of Colonel Harland Sanders

Colonel Harland Sanders whose life has suffered a lot and by working hard and struggling in his life, today his name is known to the whole world.

Colonel Harland Sanders got out of his 7th class in his life. He tried to make money in many ways. When he was 40 years old, he started selling chicken. But due to conflicts and wars, his dream of a restaurant was turned down several times.

He later tried to franchise his restaurant. His recipe was rejected 1009 times. And soon the secret recipe, "Kentucky Fried Chicken" became a major hit throughout the world, and its demand in the world started to grow too much.

KFC was expanded globally and the company was sold for $ 2 million and its face is still celebrated in the logo. And people gladly go to KFC and enjoy eating.

Did we even stop our efforts for an enterprise because we were rejected or failed for some time? Can we also accept failure 1009 times too? This story inspires everyone to work hard and believe in yourself, as long as you fail to see success despite being unsuccessful.

3rd Short Stories For Student

Thinking Out Of Box 

Short Stories For Student
Short Stories For Student

Once, when a man named Vivek goes to a businessman named Ram and borrowed a large amount of money from him. And when it comes time to pay money to Ram, he gets away.

Vivek was the daughter of Vivek and he loved his father very much. When Ramo came to know about Vivek's problems of money, then he wanted to marry Vivek's daughter.

Ram was not good at appearing and he did not have much skill. He was in a tough position. She asked Vivek to marry her daughter. Vivek was in the dilemma right now. Ram proposed a new condition. Where they stood there was a mixture of black and white pebbles on the ground. He will take two pebbles on both hands, one will be white and the other will be black.

If the daughter chooses white pebbles correctly, then Ram will write all the loans and will also leave the marriage proposal. But if he chooses black pebbles, he will lose the debt but will marry the daughter.

Rama bent down to remove pebbles from the ground and the daughter saw that she had taken black pebbles on both hands. The daughter had three choices- informing her father only who could incite Tom, can take black pebbles and sacrifice her life or simply refuse to take that pebbles that her father has trouble Can put in. But he completely surprised Ram.

He took the pebbles off his hand and accidentally fell on the ground with pebbles in his hand. Then he asked Rama that he was leaving the pebbles of color to identify the color kept in his hand. Ram had no choice but to show black pebbles in his hand.

Friends, in the same way, life offers you such conditions that not only demands hard work and perseverance, but also some creative thinking that protects the situation. So we should take care of such things and become as creative as we are. needed.

4th Short Stories For Student

Seeing opportunity in obstacles

Once upon a time, it was a king and he was very much wealthy. But it was a good thing that he was very curious. He thought that he would do a test in which he would approach his friends towards his life and would have some time left for the purpose of progress.

He kept a big boulder in the middle of the road and hid it at the place, to see if someone would try to move away or not.

He saw some rich merchants and courtiers passing through the road. None of them made any attempt to move it, but the bus went away while some people blamed the king for maintaining the roads.

Later, a farmer saw the road with the weight of vegetables and saw the boulder. He kept his weight down and tried to take away the boulder. After hard work, he managed to take it away. He saw a purse in place of the boulder.

Running away from people's problems and obstacles is quite common, but the story clearly shows the importance of seeing an opportunity in every obstacle, which can improve our situation and change our life. Invest in some time to overcome the obstacles coming in your way and experience many overlooked attendances.

Conclusion :

So, friends, These 4 Stories are best and short stories for students in the English language. I hope you like these stories and if you like it then don't forget to share with your Friends. 

Thank You

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