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Courage Quotes: Courage is the choice and openness to confronting distress, distress, risk, uncertainty, or intimidation. Physical courage is bravery in the face of physical pain, hardship, death or threat of death, while moral courage can act rightly in the face of widespread resistance, pity, scandal, discouragement, or personal loss.

In the Hindu tradition, mythology has given many instances of bravery and guts. Ramayana and Mahabharata have in the many cases of both physical and moral courage.

We Are Going To Share With You Courage Quotes And Quotes About Courage. I Hope Did You Like This Quotes.

Courage Quotes

Courage Quotes
Courage Quotes

legend's Quotes About Courage:

I think it is not the courage to be afraid, but it is the courage to win over fear. Brave is not the one who fears but brave is the one who can overcome that fear.

Nelson Mandela

Courage is not just the power to move forward, but it is also going to move ahead even without power.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Believe it that you can do so tells the courage so much that you have crossed the halfway.


Always have the courage to trust your love once more.

Maya Angelou

Always accept the courage to accept any truth.

Rick Riordan

If we do not have the courage to try anything within us then think about how our life will be?

Vincent van

There are some people who have more courage than the brain.

John Grisham

Whatever you do, you will always need the courage to fulfill it.

Ralph Emerson

Two things are examined in the spiritual path, first - patience and second to wait for the right time - the courage to not be frustrated by those who came in front.

Paulo Coelho

Your courage is gracious under pressure.

Ernest Hemingway

Quotes About Courage

Having someone deeply in love with you gives you strength and deep love for someone gives you courage.
Lao Tse

Success is never the last nor failure is fatal. What matters is your courage.

Winston Churchill

You really need lots of courage to become what it is.

E.E. Cummings

The more you need the courage to speak, the more you want to hear the courage.

Winston Churchill

Not everything has become the heroine of her life, she has no prey.

Nora Ephron

Courage is the most essential quality in all the qualities because without it, you can not practice any other virtue with continuity.

Maya Angelou

Showing bravery is not the absence of fear, but it is a thing which tells that there is something else other than fear.

Meg Cabot

Quotes About Courage

Courage is resistance to fear.

Mark Twain

Freedom lies in being brave.

Robert Frost

Courage is always found in such a place where its probability is very low.

J. R. Tolkien

The rule of happiness is freedom and the rule of freedom is courage.

Carrie Jones

Without fear cannot even imagine courage.


It takes great courage to show your dream to others.

Erma Bombeck

Courage Quotes

Courage is found in such a place where its probability is low.

Courage is not the power to move forward - even if it is not power, it has to move forward.

Just believe that you can do it and you have decided halfway.

It takes great courage to show your dream to others.

A ship is safe in the harbor, but ships are not built anymore.

Courage is resistance to fear, and fear is the ownership - there is no lack of concern.

Life is limited or expanded in proportion to the courage of someone.

It takes courage to become what you are.

There is a need for courage to speak upright, and courage is needed to sit and listen.

Love by one's self gives strength to you, and loving someone with a healthy heart gives you courage.

Courage Quotes

Success is never the last, and failure is never fatal. What matters is courage.

 Increasingly, not being the heroine of her life.

Courage: The most important of all the qualities because without courage, you can not practice any other attributes continuously.

If we did not dare to make any effort, how would life be?

Some people have more courage than the brain.

Have the courage to believe one more time on love and always once more.

Whatever you do, you will need courage. Whatever path you choose, there will always be someone telling you that you are wrong.

There are two most difficult tests on the spiritual path - the patience to wait for the right time and the courage of not being frustrated by the one who came in.

Courage Quotes

I have come to know that it is not the courage to be afraid, but it is the courage to win over fear. Brave is not the one who is not scared, but it is the one who defeats this fear.

Keep in mind that many people have given life due to their perception; they are prevalent. Real courage is to live and suffer for the things you believe in.

Do not be scared of fear. They are not meant to scare you. They are intended to tell you that there is something worth it.

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