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Curiosity Quotes: As we succeeded in life, we are curious to know more about something else. So today with you to keep that same curiosity in your life We Will Share With Curiosity Quotes. I Hope You Guys Like Quotes

Curiosity Quotes

Curiosity Quotes

"The scientific mind does not give as much a suitable answer as the more appropriate question asks."

"The language was searched to ask questions. The answers can also be given with signs and gestures, but it is important to speak to the question. When the person first asked the question, then humanity matured. Social stability is born with the absence of impulse to ask questions."

"The art of asking questions and questions, perhaps the most powerful technique."

"Asking the right questions is a way to be meritorious."

"There are no silly questions, and no one is fooled when he stopped asking the question."

"The question that asks is foolish for five minutes, but whoever does not ask remains silly throughout his life."

"The smartest person can answer as much, the biggest fool could ask more."

"I keep the six honest servants with me. He has taught me everything I know. Their names are - what, why, when, how, where and who?"

"How is this time? Who are my friends What is this place? What is the benefit of this and what is the harm? How am I Think again and again about these things (when handling any work)?"

"No doubt, but wonder if the root of all knowledge."

"Without knowledge, there is no knowledge."

"When there is a curiosity to know the truth in the mind, then the worldly things seem meaningless."

Conclusion Of Curiosity Quotes :

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