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The meaning of Health has developed over time. In 1948, in a radical departure from previous definitions, the World Health Organization (WHO) suggested a definition which aimed higher.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is a "State of complete physical, mental, and societal well being, rather than merely the absence of illness or infirmity."

Health is a dynamic condition caused by a body's constant adjustment and adaptation in response to changes and pressures in the environment for maintaining an inner equilibrium called homeostasis.

Quotes on Health | Health is Wealth Quotes

quotes on health
quotes on health

Quotes on Health : 

  • The most significant wealth is health. ~ Virgil

  • Health is the greatest gift, satisfaction is the greatest wealth, Integrity is the most significant relationship. ~ Gautam Buddha

  • The one who enjoys good health - he is rich/rich, even though he does not know this thing. ~ Italian proverb

  • Good health and good understanding - both are the biggest blessings of life. ~ Publilius Syrus

  • Take care of your body. This is where you have to stay. ~ Jim Rohn

  • The bitterness of disease leads to the melody of manliness.

  • Good health of the country with good health ~ Unknown

  • The rule of good health is to stay in peace. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

  • There is freedom in staying healthy. Health is above all kinds of freedom. ~ Henri Frederic Amiel

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  • Life without health ... is not life. It's just laziness and sad state - a reflection of death. ~ Albert Einstein

  • It is good to wake up before the morning, such habits increase health, wealth and intellect. ~ Aristotle

  • Providing health by providing less food as needed. ~ Chanakya

  • Always be the cheapest medicine to stay healthy, still laugh. ~ Unknown

  • The person who can not control his diet, the person rarely can take care of his health.

  • Every human being is the author himself of his health. ~ Gautam Buddha

  • Health is our birthright. ~ Baba Ramdev

  • Without a healthy life, life does not exist, but there is a state of sadness and laziness. ~ Albert Einstein


Health is Wealth Quotes : 

  • The person who enjoys good health - the same person is precious, even if he does not know this thing.

  • Medicines can be purchased by money, but the health cannot be bought by the same money.

  •  A sick body makes human heartsick.

  • Happiness is the health of the soul and anxiety is poison.

  • Yoga and Spirituality make human mentally healthy.

  • Good understanding and good health are both the biggest blessings of life.

  • If a person does not have health, then understand that he has nothing but nothing.

  • Rising up early in the morning makes a man healthy, prosperous and intelligent.

Quotes About Health :

  • The unhealthy body makes a person's mind unsettled.

  • Educated people are conscious about health, and this is also the main reason for their success.

  • Be healthy and fit.

  • If you have to be healthy, have exercise today.

  • The dream will be your incomplete, if not healthy body full.

  • Keep the body's attention first, then do all the work.

  • Everyone has the same side, make better health goals.

  • The disease makes inaccessible, good health, life.

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Quotes on Healing :

  • If You Have To Be Hit, Make Yourself Healthy And Fit.

  • Earn money - wealth, without health, all this waste.

  • Make yourself healthy, take yoga and exercise.

  • Now stay healthy, make a slogan, be yourself.

  • Change is the destiny of life, pay for a reasonable body price.

  • Make the motive of being healthy, save your life - save a life.

  • To be healthy is my activity, it is more than I do not work.

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Conclusion For Quotes about Health :

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