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Information About Socrates

Socrates Quotes In English
Socrates Quotes In English

Great Greek philosopher and Plato's guru Socrates is considered the pioneer of Western philosophy. Socrates was born in Dam, Alopace, in ancient Athens. Was born in 469. 

399 BC About 71 years old he died in ancient Athens. They are considered as one of the pioneers of Western philosophy or philosophy.

Due to the lack of necessary information about Socrates, scheduling information about their life and work is not available. However, we get information about Socrates by two of his disciples, Zenophon and Plato.

Socrates was born in Athens city of Greece. In the year 469 BC. His father was a sculptor, and a mother was a midwife. Having grown up, he joined the work of father's sculpture, but, interested in science and philosophy, he left the statue and started spending time in contemplation — Socrates Sophists who did not believe in the religion of the sect of religion.

Like Socrates Sophisto, he is a non-religious man - spreading the word, he was charged with three Blames:

(1) Socrates does not believe in the gods of the state,

(2) establishes new gods and

(3) Leads Athens youth in the wrong way.

The two persons played a crucial role in making this indictment of courtesy politician male ants and poet millets. After prosecuting Sakhertis in this court of justice, the decision to kill Socrates was to poison him. We are Also said About Socrates Quotes and Quotes by Socrates.

Legend Person Socrates Quotes

"The worthless people only live for food and drink; Valuable people eat and drink only for the living."

"She is the richest who is satisfied in the least because satisfaction is the wealth that is wealth."

"Just live does not matter, living by the truth counts."

"Put your time in other articles to improve yourself, so that you can easily find those things for which others have worked hard."

'I am the wisest among all living people because I know that I do not know anything."

"False words are not just wrong in themselves, but they also infect your soul with evil."

"Most of your intense desires lead to gross hatred."

"Our prayers should be simply for blessings because God knows what is good for us."

"It should not be a life, but a pleasant experience."

Quotes By Socrates

"In this world, the most fabulous way of living with respect is to become those who pretend to be we."

"Where there is respect, there is fear, but there is no respect everywhere where there is fear because possibly, anxiety is more comprehensive than connection."

"Whatever happens, get married. If you get a good wife, then your life will be happy; If you find a bad wife, you will become a philosopher."

"Beauty is short-term torture."

"Slow down in friendship, but when you do it, play it firmly and stay firm on it."

"Death is probably the greatest of human gifts."

"Whatever the path of marriage or brahmacharya, whatever the man chooses, he has to repent later."

"I know that I do not know anything."

"Every person's soul is immortal, but the kind person, his soul, is eternal and divine."

"An honest man always has a child."

Quotes By Socrates

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