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The Power Of Imagination

The nature of the mental processes of Imagination and contemplation is so much more common than in ordinary language; sometimes, they are used as synonyms. From equality, in both the actions, a retrospective of past experiences and their new combination is to be created, and the effects of both arise to find a way to satisfy the dissatisfied needs and desires of a person. But the objectives of both are different. 

Imagination seeks to satisfy the unreal, irrelevant, and fictitious creative solution needs, the purpose of contemplation is, and that is why it is also called logical (reasoning) verb. The action of consideration will not begin until a real problem is present in the path to the satisfaction of the needs. 

The power of imagination
The power of imagination

  • But imagination can also start with the presence of unrealistic and imaginary problems.

Imagination is also divided into two types. 

The First Type Of Imagination

Under the first type of the power Imagination, daydream and mental flights come, with the help of which a person creates an imaginary world, which becomes more critical for The Satisfaction of his needs than The Real World. 

This type of Imagination benefits all the ordinary people and protects them from the mental inability of their physical failure. 

However, the frequency of this type of Imagination becomes a significant symptom of people with a mental health condition, which leads to the formation of strange illusions.

The Second Type Of Imagination

The second type of the power Imagination is called an original name, through which literary, artistic, scientific, creative compositions are involved. Original arrangements can be made by a talented person only. 

While analyzing the creative Imagination, talented Helmholtz, Annie Pekre, Graham Wallace, etc. have described it as its four states, which include Preparations, Cessation, Exhalation, and Certification.

Information About The Power Of Imagination:

In the First Stage, the creator examines the Facts and the Objectives of his problem and purpose by making an illustration of various facts and inspections. 

There is no clear progress in the second stage, but, in fact, the internal Meditation of various Hypotheses continues.

The most important is the third stage in which divine inspiration is attained and the creation takes place. If this creative work is in the form of a scientific hypothesis then its authenticity has to be certified and, if it is a literary or artistic creation task, then it has to be done by means of its own publication.

Psychological Rousseman (1931), Meinecke, and Platt and Becker (1931), researchers and scientists, and C. Patrick (1935) the facts that the poets and painters obtained from the creative imagination Support these four states.

The Power Of Imagination With Physical Basis:

In relation to the physical basis, there are two types of concepts in the form of imagination- first, according to the central theory, which is the ancient theory, the imagination is based on the complex functions of the brain and is an organ of itself.

Second, the name is known as the Motivator or Periphery Theory, according to which the Power Of Imagination is a behavior, therefore it also has the physical functions of senses, Brain, and muscles just like Ordinary Behavior.

Supporting this theory has been done by Jacobson (1932), Max (1935), Sha (1940), Aserınski and Kalaitman (1953), etc. through various psychological experiments, and this principle is becoming more valid day by day.

Conclusion Of The Power Of Imagination:

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