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Quotes About Preparation || Quotes About Being Prepared || Quotes On Preparation

Quotes About Preparation
Quotes About Preparation

Quotes About Preparation

"Always remember that your determination to succeed is more important than any other resolution." 
- Abraham Lincoln

"Work is the cornerstone of success."

"Hard work is the key to success."

"Make success from failure. Frustration and failure, there are two fixed pillars of success." 
- Dale Carnegie

Concentration only conquers.

"A successful person is one who can make a strong foundation with the bricks threw on them."
 - David Brinkley

Quotes On Preparation

"If you want success, then do not make it your goal, do what you like and you believe in, and you will succeed yourself."
- David Frost

"I do not know the mantra of success, but trying to please everyone is a mantra of failure." 
- Bill Kasby

"To be successful, the desire for success should be greater than the fear of failure." 
- Bill Kasby

"I've failed many times in my life, and that's why I succeed." 
- Michael Jordan

"Failure is a success if we learn from it." 
- Malcolm Forbes

"It is a success, even if it is repeatedly unsuccessful." 
- Winston Churchill

"Most great people have achieved their biggest success a step ahead of their biggest failure." 
- Napoleon Hill

"Through patience, many people are successful in those situations which seem to be a certain failure." 
- Benjamin DeGray

Quotes About Preparation

"If there is no possibility of defeat, then victory has no meaning."

"The will to remain firm is often the difference between success and failure." 
- David Sarnoff

"Before you speak, you should think twice, because your words, the seeds of success or failure can be planted in someone's mind." 
- Napoleon Hill

"Instead of becoming a successful man, think of becoming an important man." 
- Albert Einstein

"Coming together, progress is achieved by living together and success with decreasing results." 
- Henry Ford

"Successful people always look for opportunities to help others. And the same unsuccessful people say, "What's the use of it?" 

"With high confidence, grow your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

"Difficulties are those things which we see when our focus is not on the goal." 

"You can not cross the sea until you leave the shore."

"Stop waiting, because the right time never comes." 

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