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Sad Love Quotes: Sadness is The Part Of Life. Every Person Face Sadness In His Life. But we Should Focus on our Work so That you can Enjoy your Life and Achieve what you want in your life.

today I'm going to share with you the "Quotes About Sadness" or "Sad Love Quotes". I hope you like These amazing Sad Quotes About Love.

There Are Many things In our Life That Make Us Sad. Like Failure, Disappointment, And Many Things. But These Feeling Also Help To Understand our Life Meaning.

So Let's Read Sad Love Quotes And Share this Quotes With Your friends. 

Sad Love Quotes || Quotes About Sadness

sad love quotes
sad love quotes

"Quotes About Sadness"
 "Sad Love Quotes"

Love relationship should be so strong
Because of a third person, it never broke

No girl is bad at heart
He also has compulsions
Whom people call fraud

I'm tired of hiding pain
Moreover, people say
I am smiling very

Anyone but your
Tears always go out of homosexuality

When someone ignores us without talking
Truth is unfortunate

There was no intention to go away from you
How to stop at
When you were not ours

Love is the one in which there is no hope of meeting anyone
Still, wait for him

Humor is in front of everyone
However, the cry is in front of him only
On which he trusts more than the limits

As he went, he only told me
Take good care of your life

When someone starts to get close to others
The distances seem to be over

Quotes About Sadness

I miss him
When someone else does not have

Because of their ego
Do not know how many relationships lose

Regardless of the fault
Bends always the same
Where is the relationship
Also, worry about her play

Perfect relationship means
A little confusion and much love

Love is my friend
Whoever gets up

Believe that breaking the relationship once is a cry
Staying in contact is better than millions every day

No, my heart was bad
Neither was there any harm in him
It's all a game of luck
Just luck was a separation

The happy world all over the place
A lack of space among them all

People are here to test each other
However, never understand each other

I'm not angry with you
Which you never get for me

Whose heart is perfect
Often their luck gets worse

When someone gets hurt because of me
So much more than me is hart

Today, love is also like China Mobile
No longer runs

What difference does it make from splitting
My love was neither mine nor me

Sad Love Quotes

Life is quiet,
The pain itself is so silent in the morning.
Tell me your time,
It will come in that your name is so silent

He is happy but maybe not from us
They are angry but not perhaps us
Who says no love in their heart
Love but maybe not us

Laughing in the field became our mood
Crying in that became a secret,
Heartache does not let the face be revealed
That's the kind of life that has become the case of living.

Lost something so that it did not come again,
Love did not happen but to know,
You went to the heart at first glance
Just do not understand us in your heart ...

He wanted to live with them,
However, this time did not let it stay,
Never be silent in the silence of time,
So silently, silence did not say anything.

Life is going on
By the very delicate period,
Not satisfied,
Yours, except someone else,

She wants a way to come to me,
However, wants to witness my love
It is like the seasons itself,
Also, my desire for my passion is.

"Trust is not the breakthrough in life, but trust is broken because we believe in someone."

"Someone asked how good it is to write, and I told you to break the heart, before adding laughs."

"Never felt your love playing. Otherwise, the game has played so much that I have never lost."

How bad it feels, when there is a cloud, and there is no rain, when there are no eyes, and no dreams, when someone is there, and nobody is there.

How do we get to know what we want,
The world is standing like a wall in the path,
They were not embarrassed even by infidelity,
We got punished like a criminal.

Sad Love Quotes

If you have to learn something, then learn to read silence ... otherwise, the word laughs mean thousands out.

Forgetting us if you live,
So, it is also our responsibility to take care of you,
This is not my habit, otherwise,
It also comes to me to change you.

I have come to wipe out infidelity with his heart,
I have come to shed the letter in his water,
Do not read any memories of that infidelity,
That's why I have also set fire to water.

My wish gave him happiness. In exchange he gave me just silence .. I wanted to ask him to die ... however, he also gave life to suffer.

What was strange about her love affair, did not even make herself and not let anyone else do it.

Give love to you in every situation,
God will also ask for this heart,
If the heart said you are unfaithful,
Then remove this heart from the chest too.

I was hoping you would not say it is a matter of luck ... you have a hand in ruining me.

We came into the intoxication of the Mohabbat and made God an insignificant one. Hosh came when he said that God is not of anyone.

Love teaches us to live,
Teachings to die in the name of Wafa.
If you did not love then look after you,
Every pain learns to endure.

The day you came to the ground..the sky was too crying, after all, her tears were stopped, how she had lost her most beloved star for us.

If ever you lost it,
Ever remembered their separation,
We wanted to break that much,
In the end, his infidelity was killed.

How bad can I say to your infidelity, this is what made me famous.

The broken heart also prayed for him,
My breaths sought her happiness every moment,
Not knowing what kind of disgrace that was,
That I found her wife in the last aspiration

Everything changes with time ... people too, relationships also, realize and sometimes we too.

There are some speculations of love too,
There are also some dreams of living eyes,
There are no tears in the grief of not necessarily,
Bright eyes also have slabs.

Opening the night last night, the book of memories ... What has lost all of our lives, we have an experience.

I love you do not give up a name to you,
Do not give me a lousy reason not to abuse me,
Whatever you have given you the pain we will endure but,
Do not provide any punishment for your loved one.

I wish someone knows this way that I cry in my life, and they read my tears, and they read my tears.

Pain is not realized at heart;
When he does not have a soul;
We are in ruin;
Moreover, he says that love is not like this

The world is very mean, why would anyone give it, the free shroud does not get here, then who will love the gum?

Quotes About Sadness

If someone trusts you blindly, then by breaking his trust, do not make sense that he is blind.

Holding every secret in the heart,
Smiling at Hanto,
This world gives happiness,
So we keep our tears hidden.

Who says that the passengers are not injured, the witnesses are witnesses; they do not give testimony.

Fortunately, those people who love them too, and respect are also respected.

Laughter has left the pillows on the lips,
Khwabans have stopped coming to the lamps,
Now it does not happen,
Perhaps you have left to remember too.

Today is the signal of time for you,
Looks where this is all,
You are looking for ways,
Today you have called the Manji.

If you want to remember in leisure time, do not do it, we are sure, but not fuzzy.

They tried us out,
We also eat and cheat we have also seen.
What happened to those sad,
He took a look at his heart.

It is said that everyone wants to have written it, some people come into the world, only for talents.

Heartily roaming but smiling from lips,
We can only play Wafa from anyone,
He could not give us a laugh of his love,
Moreover, we looted life for them!

Tears filled with my Palco, they seem to like water, they want to break us, they seem to be nonsense ...!

The pain came only rewarding my Ishq,
If only the right lips were jammed,
I am unfaithful to everyone he said,
Well come on my lips, my name came...

You will not be separated from us anymore, and you will meet all but looking for us only.

Life is and so silent
Pain is a pain, and I am calm in the morning and evening.
Saying your story,
It has come in your name so silent.

Conclusion For Sad Love Quotes:

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