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Quotes About Spirituality || Spiritual Quotes

Being Spiritual means to be an emperor within himself.

If you can take any work of this world in your own hands, then there may be a possibility of spiritual becoming, otherwise not.

If you have the power and courage to do any work of this world and do well, then you can possibly be spiritual.


  • Know the purpose of your life.
  • Find the hidden mysteries of life and creation.
  • Experience liberation and find the innermost depths of your existence.
  • Increase soft, guided steps on the path of enlightenment.
  • Experience the ultimate truth, highest knowledge and unique bliss in the proximity of the Teacher.

Experience on the path of spirituality is certain but still indescribable.

Quotes About Spirituality || Spiritual Quotes
Quotes About Spirituality || Spiritual Quotes

Will a person, consciously, choose to be like this, where he needs to ask something or to any other thing? He may have to ask for his pathetic, but will anyone choose to do so consciously? Will not every person want to be like that where he is 100 % in himself? This does not mean that you have to become completely self-dependent.

So In This Article, I'm Going Share With You "Quotes About Spirituality" or "Spiritual Quotes".

Quotes About Spirituality or Spiritual Quotes

Anything in the world
How precious is it
The God who gave you sleep,
Have comfort and joy,
Someone more precious than
There are no things.

There are seven wars in the week, and the eighth is your family.
As long as the eighth year will not be okay Then your seven wars are useless.

Incomplete knowledge, both are giving knowledge and taking knowledge of harm both.

If God is pleased with fasting
So hungry for so many days that beggar was the luckiest person

Human beings should be right in their own eyes
Leave the world
The world is also sad with God

Half Truth... is more dangerous than a lie and it hurts the most.

If you have something to gain in life, then learn to lean
The bucket that falls in the well bends only when it comes to water

Doing good to others will benefit
Because the benefit is the reverse advantage
If you have mercy on others, you will always be remembered
Because remembering the reverse of mercy

The world can not beat you
Unless you lose yourself.

Someone asked if he read good books, then he started to sleep
But do not relax if you watch movies at the cinema
A Sannyasi responded beautifully that -
"Sleep always comes to the flower beds
Not on the thorny beds "

Quotes About Spirituality

Human beings are made at that time
When he feels kind to others

That is the safety cover of the family person
In which the person feels pleasure and peace

You do what you want
But that is what I want
So you do what I want
Then it will be what you want

When the fruit starts, the trees bend downwards
Similarly, gentlemen become wealthy and knowledgeable as well as wisdom

No prayer
Is presented from conduct

When yesterday was not seen
Why lose today's day
At which clock can laugh
Why do not you cry for tomorrow

Words meet for free
Like you will use
Will pay the same price.

The fruit of the tree bends downwards,
Similarly, gentlemen become humble as wealth and knowledge come.

Quotes About Spirituality

Half Truth... is more dangerous than a lie, and it hurts the most.

Much loss from external enemies brings us the evils inside us. The person who has got so much success in life, that person also suffers from many sins.

Much loss from external enemies brings us the evils inside us. The person who has got so much success in life, that person also suffers from many sins.

Every soul is the only fraction of God. And the ultimate goal of every soul is to get into God.

Spiritual Quotes

Whoever does not believe in God, he can never trust himself.

It is also a sin to harm someone and weaken someone is also sin.

God can be known only by devotion; there is no other way to know him.

There are only Gods who never leave with us. Other people keep coming into our lives.

Our destiny is the result of our actions, which we have done in the past. In the same way, what we are doing today will determine our future tomorrow.

It is foolish to try to get what you do not have. Because in this round you will also lose that thing which is your own.

Decisions taken from the heart or mind may be wrong. But the decision made by listening to the voice of conscience is never wrong.

Spiritual Quotes

Our actions go with us until birth and birth.

God gives him with help, who, with heart, calls for help.

There is an answer to every spiritual question in the world in the scriptures.

The one who lives on the grace of God,
He does not care about anything

God is in the particle,
Locate in mosques, churches, and gurudwaras.

Never say bad times,
But a lot goes by explaining the teaching.

If you are right to prove anything,
Do not try, everything remains right,
Testimonies will give themselves time

Do not say to the Lord that the problem is grim,
Instead, tell the problem that the Lord is near me.

Duty is religion, and love is God,
Service is worship, and Truth is devotion, Truth is devotion.

The Quran also looks good to me,
The knowledge of the Gita is mine too,
I feel like a lot,
Allah is mine, and God is mine.

Quotes About Spirituality || Spiritual Quotes

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