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God Quotes or Quotes About God: Theologians have described various attributes for the concepts of many different Gods. God is also considered as an abstract, personal existence, the source of all moral responsibility and "The Greatest Conceivable Existence".

The shower is often seen as a supernatural creator and visionary of the universe. The most common consideration involves omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, completely benevolent, divine simplicity and eternal and essential existence.

All these properties have been endorsed by the ancient Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious philosophers, and respectively, the Augustine of Hippo, and al-Ghazali.

Many significant medieval philosophers and modern philosophers developed ideas about God's existence. In contrast, many reputed philosophers and intellectuals have developed ideas in opposing God's existence.

so, you Are Watching Most Amazing "God Quotes" or "Quotes About God".

Wonderful And Meaningful God Quotes

God Quotes | Quotes About God

God Quotes | Quotes About God

"Until you believe in yourself, you can never believe in God."

"My Pray complete this way in God's way when I bow my heads, the life of every relationship connected with me will go on."

"All of them are created by God and only God is the behest of all, right! That is, everyone has the origin of God."

"Make God worthy of not giving me more."

"So please keep my God
Run right on the path
No duck heart anyone's words,
Maintain me so much grace."

"God speaks to those who want to hear them and listen to them who pray to them."

"It is a great pleasure for you to be the human form in this world."

"Who listens to the outside
Gets scattered
The one who listens inside goes to the family."

"Faith means trusting in God even in the dark."

"Who says no one has seen God, I touch the feet of my parents every day."

"Fear is the opposite of belief when we are afraid we are giving this message to God that we do not believe in him."

"God says do not be sad, I am with you,
Not near the front,
Close the eyelids and remember by heart
I am no other than your faith."

"God takes our exams and He gives us the ability to pass it in."

"True love is like God,
The things about which all do,
But only a few people can feel."

"Be patient. The bad day comes bad times too."

"Have a beautiful relationship
Between me and god
I do not ask much
And little does not give it."

"The Person Happy is who believed in God."

"The news of the arrival of a person comes only 9 months ago,
The news of going on does not even take place before 9 seconds."

"The attainment of God should be the biggest goal of our life."

"True love and God are like one
Find more
There is no desire."

"Prayer occurs when both our body and mind bow down before God."

"People will always talk about your insults
Insult is better than death for a respected person."

"If you want to find God then look in the space left in your thoughts."

"Give thanks to God in every action, then God will make your path easier."

"Everyone who bends in front of God feels good to all,
But whoever bends in front of everyone, feels good to God."

"Everyday life brings some conditions and gives some details of life every evening."

"You do what you want, but that is what you want, whatever you want, do what you want, whatever you want, it will be whatever you want."

"When a person gets anything without effort or effortlessly, then he does not really appreciate it."

"The best Pray to God occurs when we mold ourselves according to the goodness of God."

God Quotes | Quotes About God

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