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Knowledge Quotes: Knowledge is the greatest power in the world, apart from this, we can not do anything in life. Without Any Knowledge, You Can Not be doing better In Your Life. If You Want to Become Successful And Great Person Then You Need To Gain Very Special Knowledge And You Have To Develop Your Skills. Today we will read quotes on knowledge and will increase our knowledge.

Knowledge Quotes

Knowledge Quotes

If you have knowledge of my nature and do not have any other kind of knowledge, then you will be happy in Your Life.- Shree Krishna

Knowledge is only potential power. It must be used to reveal power. - Robin Sharma

Knowledge is present in itself, the person invents it only.

Human behavior is made up of three main sources of good, emotion, and knowledge. ~ Plato

Knowledge gives us strength like love gives us strength.

The value of knowledge is more than precious jewels.- Nirala

Knowledge is a treasure, and practice is its key.

New Knowledge comes from new discoveries.

If the knowledge remains in the mind of the person, then the burden is born and when behavior comes into practice then the conduct becomes.

Not the wise, who knows a lot of things, but the wise (Knowledgable Person) is one who knows the things of the work.

Having a feeling of ignorance is a very big step in the direction of knowledge.

Knowledge is always to be constantly improved, challenged, and enhanced, otherwise, knowledge gradually disappears.

Short Knowledge Quotes

A knowledgeable person is more powerful because of his knowledge.

Knowledge is a singular power.

To understand what we can not understand is only knowledge.

Knowledge comes humility, and humility attains eligibility.

Knowledge never ends with Spreading, but it increases.

Only good wishes of a good man can be knowledge.

Great Legends Knowledge Quotes

Knowledge of any man can not be taken from his experience. ~ John Locke

The goal of knowledge is true and the hunger of the true soul.- lacing

Knowledge is the essence of human life.  -Acharya Kundakunda

Knowledge is attained only by wisdom.- Sankhya

Just as a burning fire consumes fuel, in the same way, Knowledge creates all activities.  - Geeta

Karmas are consumed only after the fire of knowledge is solved.- Shankaracharya

Knowledge is infinite.- Taitriya Brahmin

Knowledge is real gold and diamond.- Swami Shivanand

The person who has acquired spiritual knowledge does not have the poison of work and greed.-Ramakrishna Paramhansa

We are all knowledgeable, we have never been separated with knowledge.- Anthrax

The gift of knowledge is the best gift in all donations.- Manusmriti

Who is wise? He who uses his knowledge.

Knowledge means knowing the soul from the soul.- Guru Ramdas

There is no benefit of knowledge that you do not take in work. ~ Anton Chekhov

This world is the only true knowledge and the only evil is ignorance ~~ Socrates
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Knowledge never dissolves any person's freedom, equality, respect, air autonomy. ~ Swami Vivekanand

A feeling of ignorance is a big step in the direction of knowledge.

Without Expectation, there is no knowledge. Without sorrow, there is no pleasure. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Without a Teacher, there is no knowledge.

Low knowledge is dangerous.

Preaching is easy, it is difficult to tell the solution.

One who knows others is a scholar. The person who knows himself is the wise -Lawtse

The donation of knowledge is the best gift in all donations. ~ Manusmriti

The quality of the talent is that it shakes the beliefs. 

The glory of Knowledge is more valuable and more valuable than money. ~ Bhartrihari

The wise is not the one who knows many things, but he is the one who knows the things of the work.

The intelligent person is more powerful Because Of His Knowledge. ~ Hitopadesh

There is nothing more sacred in this world than knowledge. ~ Yogiraj Srikrishna

I give them knowledge which is always related to me and those who love me. ~ Bhagwat Geeta

Research is creating new knowledge. ~ Neil Armstrong

Ignorance can never be better than knowledge. ~ Enrico Fermi

The wise person sees wisdom and action in one form, he sees in the right way. ~ Bhagwat Geeta
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