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Legend's Greatness Quotes

Greatness Quotes
Greatness Quotes

Greatness Quotes

A great man is known by three signs - generosity in planning, humankind in accomplishing it, and restraint in Success. -Bismark

Greatness Quotes
Greatness Quotes

The result is the worst criterion of the greatness of any person or nation. -Jawaharlal Nehru

He is undoubtedly great, who has authority over himself.

Living in the world according to the ideology of the world and its ideology in solitude is not a difficult task, but a great man is one who can maintain the individuality of his personality with full sweetness even in the crowd. -Amerson

No one knows our evils and weaknesses as much as we know. No one else considers us as high as we understand.

Greatness Quotes
Greatness Quotes

A man who can hide his joy is greater than one who can disguise his sorrow. -Leaver

The Great Brain neither disrespects nor tolerates anyone.

There has never been a truly great man who has not been virtuous. Franklin

The versatility like water does not make a man great.

Till date, no person has become great by mere emulation. -Samuel Johnson

Great people make us feel great because we are on our knees. -Sterner

All great people originate from the middle class. -Emerson

Be great, and the greatness in other human beings will rise to meet your greatness. -Lenin

The world expects great men, not priests and well-wishers of great men.

As we come closer to great men, it becomes clear to us that they are only human. They never seem great to their immediate servants. -Labruyer

Never in the history of the world have there been many settled men at all places.

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some are great. -Shakespeare

It is the right of great people to be endowed with significant faults. -Brush Rosh

The great person remains great by his behaviour in joking and mingling with the other, but whoever meets with him, he never appears small. -Andrebid

Earth is also the shelter for those who excavate it. In the same way, you also tolerate those who persecute you and insult you; Because greatness lies in it.

Greatness truths are the simplest, similarly, the most excellent person.

A person has never become great or good without making many and big mistakes. -Gladstone

Greatness is not attained by being very powerful; it is achieved by using the power obtained correctly.

Others are great because we are sitting on our knees, let us also stand.

Every person, who watches with a sharp eye and is determined, inadvertently becomes excellent.

No person is as great as the whole of humanity. -Theodore Parker

Man needs not only technical skills but also to achieve the greatness of soul.

I always knew that it was written to be great in my destiny.

Those who describe themselves as small, they later become great and those who describe themselves as great, they become small.

Mud contains lotus. Good is born from the bad.- Subhashit

If the lotus blooms, then the villagers come. Fans will go if they have quality.- Chanakya

A small particle also holds power.-Chanakya

Everyone salutes the rising sun.-Chanakya
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