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New Day Quotes: Here Are some Beautiful and Amazing Quotes about New Day Quotes

New Day Quotes

New Day Quotes

New Day Quotes

If you are right So don't try to prove something right Just be right Testimony will give time. Always remember three mantras in life * Do not pledge in bliss * Do not answer in anger * Do not judge in sorrow. No matter how much it slips It's time sir, it changes. If this passion remains, the solution to the difficulties will also be found. If the land becomes barren, will water also flow from there Do not despair nor be afraid of my friends from the dark With these nights, the golden tomorrow will also come out. The Right Direction never end People just lose courage !! Do not feel sad if you have difficulties in your life Because tough roles are given only to good actors !! If you want to test the diamond then wait for the darkness In the sun, even the glass pieces Also start shining. Man gets everything in the world Just They don't get Their fault. What Will People Say Live life With This thinking What will god say Ever considered it? if you want to get into the water Must learn to swim No diver sits on the shore. No one becomes great without the struggle Until the stone is hurt Stone doesn't even become a god.

New Day Quotes
How many times have you lost in life It doesn't matter Because you are born to win! A loser in the field can win again but A lost person can never win "Mind's losers are losers and minds win". The real flight of this eagle still remains The test of this bird is still pending I have just crossed the seas The whole sky is still over. If someone resolves to fight the darkness! So even a single firefly takes all the darkness !! Even though the raindrops are small. But their continuous raining Large rivers flow… Likewise our small efforts Can bring big changes in life… Never be desperate no matter how hot in life Because no matter how strong the sun is, the sea never dries. Those who are angry Make history Intelligent people only read about them. There is no will greater than sacraments And honestly, there is no greater legacy. A human is born in every household But humanity takes birth somewhere. God in the whole world Only man has the ability to smile Don't lose this quality. Successful people change paths And unsuccessful people change their mind. Of all creatures, the only man makes money And how strange that No creature ever dies of hunger and The man never feeds. Do not panic if you get trouble in your life The one who rises after falling is called a Juggler. Believe in God Never ask too much, They will never give less.

New Day Quotes
Not all lessons are found in books Some lessons also teach life. Never be afraid of taking a risk in life If you win or lose, you will learn. There are 2 ways to live a fabulous life - Get what you like. Otherwise, like what you have.

Don't know when life came out collecting happiness It is now known that those who were happy were sharing happiness.

Many people are surprised to see my success, Nobody saw my foot blisters, Never think of what you lost Never lose what you got. If success is water dude So never cry on time and circumstances Do not panic on the floor, right away Because the river never asks how far is the sea That's all the difference between teacher and life - The teacher teaches the lesson - Life teaches lessons with exams Some people stumble and fall apart Some people stumble and make history If you are insulting someone So really you're losing your respect Fall in life is also good The status shows Move when lifting hands So do your loved ones
Luck also supports courageous people.

Live in the present
Don't cry for the past, it's gone, and stop worrying about the future because it hasn't come yet, live in the present, make it beautiful.

Life always gives us another chance, which is called "tomorrow".

Don't wait, life is getting out faster than you think.

A small step was taken in the right direction also proves to be huge.

Look at the watch when you are not working
And when someone is working, do not look at the watch.

Who are afraid of falling,
They can never fly.

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