Fake love quotes

Fake love quotes

False love sometimes gives Joy, Sometimes pain

Better a tear … of a false love … that went away … than tears lived in captivity … by a false love … that never brought you the true sense of being … ” love”

Love when it is not true can not wait
False love is just the first look
Love of appearances, only good to show
No fruit, no roots, only leave stains and scars
And it is not this love that I want to feed.

False love and friendship have expiration date,
Falsehood and lie have countdown.
Don’t worry … evil is fleeting.
Rejoice … the good is eternal.

“But how good it would be to build something pure, free from false sublimated love, free from the fear of not loving … Fear of not loving, worse than the fear of not being loved …”

Many loved your moments of joyful grace,
and your beauty, with false or true love,
But a man loved the pilgrim soul in you,
And the sorrows of your face always changing.

Every human who has two faces is fake on both sides!

The love you gave me
Was fake and blurred,
The farce you were
Gradually over.

There is no true love, for the same reason that there is no false love. Either one loves or there is no love!

I don’t need someone who doesn’t need me. I do not need a fake love. I need to live and without you.


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